EDP Service (Electro-deposition Painting)

Electro Deposition Painting (EDP) or E-Coat is renowned for its superior corrosion resistance and uniformed coating film. It is widely used in many industries especially automotive and electronics industries. Besides its superior corrosion-proof, EDP also is one of the most cost-effective and environmental-friendly method of protecting metal parts.

More than 20 years of expertise, J S Autowork is specialized in EDP coating (E-Coat) service and have been providing our service to many major automotive and electronics manufacturers in Thailand. Equipped with fully automated production line, our production capability can cope with high volume of metal parts and part size up to 2,000(L) x 700(W) x 1,200(H) mm, ranging from small to large parts.

J S Autowork provides Electro-deposition Paining (EDP) or Cathode Electro-deposition Painting (CED) or E-Coat in-house within our 10,000 square meter facilitiy in Pathumthani province, Thailand. 

Our line specification:

  • Black Color
  • Bath size of 39.9 cubic meter
  • Part size up to 70x250x120 cm (width, length and height respectively)
  • Salt spray tested up to 1,000 hours
  • Quality tested up to Class 1 – Grade 4, SG-0, SE-0

For additional inquiries, please contact us here or edp.marketing@jpp-autopart.com.

EDP or E-Coating Process:

On our EDP line, operators rack metal parts on a conveyorized line. The parts go through the appropriate pre-treatment stages prior to being immersed in an aqueous solution containing a paint emulsion. The parts are electrically charged thus attracting the oppositely charged paint particles. The thickness of the coating is determined by the electrical voltage setting. After coating, parts are rinsed to remove residual emulsion which is recycled back in to the paint tank. Finally, parts enter a curing oven to be cured.